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 Email Broadcast and Lead Capture System

Would your business benefit from an inexpensive way to communicate directly with your customers?


Sending a notice about a new product or service directly to your INTERESTED customers...

When you PAY for a newspaper ad, PAY to send out a bulk mailer or PAY for a phone book listing you are PAYING to be seen by people who may or may not have an interest in your product or service.

With your own Email Broadcast System you can send a notice, coupon, dates of an upcoming sale or any other information AT ANY TIME  to all your subscribers!


Sending an immediate discount notice to your customers when you see an overstock situation...


When you have direct contact with your customers you are able to inform them of special offers and sales within HOURS, not DAYS or WEEKS!!!


Seeing that your service appointments are light for the next two weeks, sending a quick email blast to your customer base offering a discount for appointments in this timeframe...

STOP IMAGINING. You can do this and much, much more when you have an Email Broadcast System set up and managed by Pilot Peak Internet Marketing

 Our Email Broadcast and Lead Capture Services
Pilot Peak Internet Marketing makes getting into the world of email contact simple and fast. We have a complete package that will provide everything you need to start building your own direct marketing list. No more buying lists of unknown quality, No more must you rely only on blind marketing.
Here's How It Works
1) We gather your business and other basic information. This will be used to set up your Email
    Broadcast System and for your on-line listings.
2) We discuss the different setup and operating options available to you. These include ...
a) In-Line form that is added to your website
b) Pop-Over form that is displayed over your website
c) Lightbox form that is displayed over your greyed out website
3) We implement the Email Broadcast and Autoresponder system. This includes all the basic
     setup requirements plus testing and implementation of your first two autoresponse messages.
4) We implement the proper Lead Capture mechanism.
a) For those with a website we will show you the different options for presenting
    your signup form to your customers.
b) For those without a website we will build you a Lead Capture page that provides
    your customers the interface needed to subscribe to your list. We also provide
    custom web site services. customers
5) We list you with Google Local, Yahoo Local and Bing/MSN Local
6) We help you develop ways to incentivise your existing customers to sign up
Once this is in place you can start to GROW your list of interested customers.


  • Autoresponder system to guarantee your emails are requested and expected! NO SPAM
  • Set up automatic welcome emails with coupons, menus, product tips, etc..
  • Lead Capture Form to allow customers to subscribe
  • Broadcast messages to your customer list anytime
  • Track email click-thru response to coupons or offers
  • Local Search Engine Setup. Get listed on Google Local, Yahoo Local and Bing/MSN Local
  • Regular reports showing your subscriber activity
After implementation of your Email Broadcast and Lead Capture System we will discuss the various Web Marketing techniques you should consider in order to start driving NEW CUSTOMERS from the Internet to your site and your list!
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